Minimize your garden maintenance

By means of this gardening technique you will reduce the maintenance of your garden, and thus, the mid-term and long-term costs. This is possible because of the usage of gravels, artificial grass, native plants and succulent plants (they need little water and maintenance).

Decorative gravels and rocks create a great visual impact, since texture and colour combinations are allowed, giving much personality to the garden.

Artificial grass is a product that is trendy, because of its natural aspect. Moreover, it offers a great number of advantages with regard to natural grass:

  • It saves more than a 90% in the water invoice.

  • It is always green, regardless the time of the year.

  • It resists inclement weather.

  • It is resistant to chemical products like swimming pool chlorine.

  • It can be installed in any surface (gardens, terraces…).

  • The maintenance is minimal, resistant, hygienic and very easy to clean.

  • It does not need to be mowed and it does not take illnesses.